Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In the name of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful

Dear respectful students,

Assalamualaikum, may Allah grant all of you success and happiness in this ephemeral world and in the next eternal world.

I pray that all of you will achieve the best in tomorrow's final exam.  I enjoy the 7 weeks that we have spent together, sharing our experiences, although I was the one who did a lot of talking :)  With every new batch of students, I stand to gain a lot from just knowing you for each and every one of you are unique.  Know that we learn because of differences.  If everything is the same, then there will be no new knowledge.  There will be only 1 kind of knowledge.  Differences make understanding possible.

Even though I might not remember your name, but I do remember faces.  I hope you will acknowledge me when our path crosses, in campus or off campus.  Thanks for listening to me; thanks for staring at me with those round eyes, which sometimes scared me of, but I do like it for it shows that you listened; thanks for making me happy with your good coursework; and thanks for just being there.  I pray that you'll be able to understand how important your worldview is for it is the foundation of your thought and action.  If, somehow, you still do not understand, please read and keep learning until your last breath.  From time to time I hope you will visit this blog...perhaps later you'll understand the significance of this and you want to understand more.

Thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to share what little that I know with all of you.  May Allah bless us all.  Luv ya


  1. hehe. wsalam madam. it was so gr8 takin the course with you.. at times i wud even forget tht its a uni course.. thank you so much.. and abt the round eyes.. lool.. am sorry about that.. but listenin to you is very intresting that we forget what our body parts r doing =P
    may Allah bless you and your family with His endless blessings.. and may He give you all the reasons of true happiness here and hereafter =)
    jazakillahi khairan!
    ~ eman

  2. tq madam...
    we learnt a lot from u..
    hope to see u again..=)

  3. I can't repay the lessons that you taught,
    I can't return encouragement and every single words of knowledge,
    Thank you forever madam,
    May Allah bless upon you and your family always,
    Jazakillahukhairan jaza` :)