Tuesday, May 17, 2011

© Khalid Belrhouzi - Who Am I *NEW*

My other favorite song...enjoy :)

When the night falls, with curtains of darkness 
When the heart beats with sighs and pain I recite the Qur'an, I remember The Most Merciful
And so my chests burden is alleviated, and the sound of white doves fills the air
Oh You Who sees me, and whom I see not
Oh Great One, most Glorified
Be merciful to my parents
Be the Companion of my parents
Be the One who helps my parents
Be the Most Generous to my parents
And for us all, be the Most Forgiving. Most
Who am I in time but an insignificant second that passes by
What am I on this earth but a grain of sand
lost in the vastness of creation
I roam, and loose my way, and forget my
Had it not been for the mercy of God
I would have been but an illusion in the foam
of a running river

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