Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Modernism in Brief

In the name of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful

Modernism began in the late 1890 to the early 20th Century.  In 1900, there were a lot of new discoveries and technological achievement which created a sense of optimism in making a paradise on earth.  This new technology was looked at optimistically as the medium to reshape man into moral perfection.  And it became a new religion which transformed the very nature of man; since this technology has helped man to experience life faster, man could not be stopped....

Characteristics of Modernism
  • Rejection of religion, conservative values, tradition and moral principles as the only means of attaining social progress.  
  • It believes that codes of ethics or moral principles as limiting and restricting the human spirit, that is, human cannot achieve their highest potential if he is bounded by codes of conduct.  
  • Therefore, modernism concludes that the prerequisite to progress is freedom from moral principles and tradition.  
  • Consequently, man, because of he is technologically advanced, does not want to commit to any one system that would restrict or stifle creativity; and thus he annihilates the system by meddling against every doctrine that was accepted by the establishment.  
  • This means that they rejected religion and God -- A salient characteristic of modernism is self-consciousness
Main Tenet
  • Human reason (mind) armed with scientific method is the only reliable means of attaining knowledge about the universe.  Reality is very objective thus, exist independent of the mind and can be known.
  • Human mind is the final authority
From this brief description of modernism, lets stop and think what kind of life the modernists would live in? What is their purpose of life? What is their conceptions of man and the universe? From dawn to dusk, what would be their daily struggle? What would make them happy? What is their conception of success?  

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